Central Swindon North Parish Council

Tash Natasha Abrahamson
Administration Assistant
Telephone: 01793 466 499
Email: admin@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk
Hakan Armagan Hakan Armagan
Allotments Officer
Telephone: 07741 849106
Email: allotments@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk
Gladys Barr Gladys Barr
Community Grants Officer
Telephone: 07741 637004
Email: leisure@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk
Andrew Briggs Andrew Briggs
Estates Manager
Telephone: 07900 782215
Email: estates@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk
John Carey John Carey
Grounds, Landscape & Maintenance Officer
Telephone: 07548 325374
Email: maintenance@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk
aaron cripps Aaron Cripps
Libraries Manager & CSNL&LT Manager
Telephone: 07741 636717
Email: LibMan@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk
Johanna Edwards Johanna Edwards
Press & Marketing Officer
Telephone: 01793466499
Email: marketing@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk
Michaela Jackson Michaela Johnston
Community Centre Manager
Telephone: 07494 689578
Email: assets@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk
Andy Reeves Swindon Andy Reeves. Andy is the Principal Officer and Responsible Finance Officer (RFO)
Clerk to the Council
Telephone: 07900 782232
Email: clerk@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk
Jodie Smart Jodie Smart
Head of Finance & Governance
Telephone: 07377 215218
Email: finance@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk
Aaron Webb Aaron Webb
Community & Youth Support Officer
Telephone: 01793 466499
Email: community@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk

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