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Government Procurement Cards (GPCs) provide the Parish Council with a useful tool to purchase high volume; low value transactions. There are no card fees, transaction fees or interest to be payable by the Parish Council. 

The GPC scheme meets the government prompt payment pledge as well as reducing paper waste, the card replaces outdated manual systems with more a streamlined electronic process which can be scruitinised.  Our GPC scheme removes the need for any 'Petty Cash' Imprest so EVERY transaction has a record, even if a receipt is mislaid.  All transactions are audited and bought to the attention of the Finance & Staffing Committee every month.

Central Swindon North Parish Council are legally required to publish all transactions greater than £500.00 but for transparancy we have included all GPC transactions broken down monthly. If you would like any information on expenditure or to review our annual budget please email admin@centralswindonnorth-pc.gov.uk.

November 2017 P Card Log

December 2017 P Card Log

January 2018 P Card Log

Purchasing_Card_Transaction_Log_Feb_2018 (1).xls



AR - June 2018

Jun-18 GPC Log (HM).xls

Purchasing Card Transaction Log July 2018 AR.xls

HA -- July 2018

HM - July2018

HA - August 2018

HM - August 2018

AR - August 2018

AR- Sept 2018

Sep-18 GPC Log (HM).xls

HA- Sept 2018

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