Central Swindon North Parish Council

SBC will again be collecting real Christmas Trees for recycling between the 7th Jan and 1st February for all residents regardless of whether they have a garden waste subscription or not.   All trees should be put at the front of the property and clearly visible from the road, all lights and decorations should be removed. 

The trees will be collected by the garden waste recycling crews, so that they are sent for composting,  as they operate in the area which for some areas may be a different day to refuse collections, all residents can see what day their green waste collection would be on the SBC website via the calendar search facility.

This is an additional extra service so Christmas trees cannot be ‘missed’ as such but SBC will accept reports throughout January however crews will instead collect when they are next in the area rather than making a dedicated return trip

Any tree’s put out after the 4th February will not be collected unless they have a garden waste subscription and non-subscribing residents will be advised to take them to the HWRC in Cheney Manor.

All queries should be directed to SBC on 01793 44550

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