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Akers Way Allotment


Central Swindon North Parish Council are responsible for and manage 10 Leisure Garden Sites within the Parish area. They are as follows:

Akers Way, SN2 2NF
Churchward Avenue (Northern Road, SN2 1NZ) 
Cheney Manor (Kiln Lane) 
Crowdys Hill (Wheeler Avenue, SN2 7HN) 
Gorse Hill (Wheeler Avenue, SN2 7HN) 
Pickards Field (off Pinehurst Road, SN2 1QP) 
Redcliffe Street, SN2 2BZ 
Rodbourne Farm (Barnfield Close, SN2 2DP) 
Somerford Close (off Penhill Drive, SN2)
Allington Road (Penhill, SN2 5LA)

The Allotments are an important asset to our Parish, we have over 600 plots available with total occupancy running at around 90%.
Our extensive allotment service provides a wide range of benefits to residents, as well as providing vital green space in a predominantly urban environment.

Allotments are not just a way of producing low cost food; allotments offer our residents a viable means of recreation involving healthy exercise, embracing the fun and challenge of growing vegetables, fruit, and flowers, raising livestock and meeting new likeminded people.

The Parish Council will be embarking on an extensive improvement programme and developing a new Parish Vision for 2020, of which allotments will be an integral part. 
The Parish Council employ an Allotments Officer who carries out maintenance and repairs across the Leisure Garden sites, builds meaningful relationships with new and existing plot holders and our partners and will be helping to develop the 2020 vision.

The number of allotments plots available at each of the 10 sites varies, as does the number of people on the waiting list for a plot.
Pickards Field is a very large site with a number of plots available.

The cost of an allotment plot is £60 per year for a full size plot and £30 per year for a half size plot which is approx. 25sqm. The billing year runs from October thro' September.

Allotment Contact Details

General Enquiries/Maintenance: Hakan Armagan, 07741 849106

New Bookings & Tenancy Queries: Andrew Briggs, 01793 466499

Working Groups/Governance: Andy Reeves, 07900 782232

24HR EMERGENCY LINE: 07900 782215 (General Enquiries cannot be responded to on this line)

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